Ethical Events

A New Division of BSC Management

A little reality, please!

The steep economic downturn has caused companies to re-think the reasons for and the nature of:

  • Strategic planning meetings
  • Incentive trips
  • Sales meetings
  • Topic or Division Educational Conferences

The U.S. Press has mounted enormous pressure on companies to shun ALL meetings and conferences because of the perceived excesses of a few previous events

Face-to-face meetings ARE necessary and highly preferable for many interactions, communications and forms of learning. Managers and Company executives are trying to address erroneous perceptions as well as assuring that operational encounters continue.

There has been a tectonic shift in awareness of national and local community needs.   Lower wage employees are experiencing the downturn more severely than others. Most of the jobs created or saved by conferences and events are modest-level hotel and catering employees, bus drivers, and travel personnel.

How Does Ethical Events Address these challenges?

Ethical Events provides a mechanism for companies and organizations to plan and host the meetings, events and conference they require, while using the gathering as an instrument to perform community service. You operate the event in a socially conscious way.

All aspects of your meeting will be planned with the following in mind:

  • We will use the clients’ talents and strengths to provide community service to the local or regional area where  the conference, meeting or event is held.
  • The meeting will be implemented with the least possible harm to the environment
  • We will work with you to streamline budget/costs that reflect a consciousness of the environment, a professional meeting AND service to the community.
  • We will help you plan a meeting to assure that decisions help create jobs, not destroy them.

BSC  provides all these services:

Working with company executives, BSC Management will handle all administrative facets of the meeting or conference including:

  • Planning & Management
  • Site Selection/Convention Center/Hotel
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Conference Logistics (room set up, signage, shuttles,)
  • Community Service Program Creation- Idea development and recommendations as well as full implementation
  • Faculty and Presenter Communications
  • Design and Implementation of paperless Programs and other environmentally friendly conference materials
  • Issue Invitations and track follow ups
  • Social Events/Food & Beverage (socially responsible)
  • Advance & On-Site Registration
  • On site Conference Management
  • Post-Meeting Follow Up

Who should host an Ethical Event?

  • All publicly held corporations with a visible public profile
  • Financial institutions that are experiencing less-than-glorious press
  • Large privately held companies that want to connect events with community service, but don’t have the in-house resources to do it
  • Organizations that want to improve their community

This is the time!  BSC is the right group to make it happen!

For more information, please call Barbara Berci   310 437 0555 Ext 101 or send an email to