Technology Services

BSC Management is a pioneer in recognizing and adapting technology for use by associations and conferences.

Web Site Design and Maintenance

Our web design team blends art and technology to create functional and attractive web sites that convey exactly the right tone and message. On behalf of one of our clients, BSC created and maintains one of the oldest continuously running specialty society web sites in existence (since 1994).  We are experienced in all facets of web design, web 2.0 technologies, social media, search engine optimization and dynamic site design.  Our team can create and deliver any application you can think of.

Abstract Collection, Review, and Distribution

BSC is a pioneer in the creation of web sites devoted to collecting and reviewing scientific abstracts (including video abstracts). In addition to creating a custom program for your organization needs, we also have a full-featured, affordable, turn-key solution that can meet the needs and budget for meetings of any size.

Database Design

Having the right data at your fingertips is a crucial aspect of association management. However, not every association office can afford to have a database expert on staff. As a result, some end up overpaying for an association management software package that is confusing to use, expensive to support, and not flexible enough to keep up with changing requirements. BSC can assist you in selecting the appropriate data solution for your association or create one to your custom specifications at a fraction of the price you may have been quoted by software firms.

Electronic Publications

BSC recognizes the trend towards accessing information on the go, with more and more people preferring information be delivered electronically than by paper. We are leaders in creating and distributing electronic newsletters, eBooks, interactive CD-ROMS, and mobile-device friendly web sites as well as full mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Mobile App Design and Publishing:

BSC Management is rapidly becoming a leader in producing mobile apps for conference attendees.  Our apps are designed to fully replace the need for a printed program and also provide attendees with new ways to interact with the conference data and speakers.  Our apps also add tremendous value to industry supporters with many exciting and new vectors to deliver a message directly to attendees.  BSC is responsible for the following apps: