BSC believes that merely being competent at a task is not enough. We strive for and, in most case, REACH excellence. BSC’s association management philosophy extends past competency and into attitude.

BSC staff are trained and motivated to understand that:
  • We work for you. You do not work for us.
  • Your members are the lifeblood of your existence. It is our job to serve your members and keep them satisfied.
  • Our attitude and enthusiasm can be transmitted through the phone and via email. Be positive.
While the client is not always right, the client is never really wrong.

Building a true bond of trust between Association Management Clients and BSC takes time. We are committed to forging that bond, because we believe that mutual trust and respect is the crucial component in the relationship between your association and BSC. When your association fully places its trust in our ability to run your day-to-day operations, your leaders and members are free to pursue your mission knowing that our capable staff is there to support you.

The BSC Pledge

How will BSC earn your trust?
We pledge to:

  • Give you our honest opinions, even when it may not be comfortable.
  • Make few mistakes, but admit to the mistakes we make.
  • Not shy away from difficult problems or situations. Instead, we will figure out solutions and implement them.
  • Understand your mission, goals, and priorities. Your priorities will become our priorities.
  • Learn about your sphere of interest, efforts, and influence to serve you better. An ignorant management company should not be trusted with your future.
  • Figure out mutually workable ways to say YES to your requests.