"BSC is one of the exceptional few. If you welcome the input of extremely talented and experienced individuals who are eager to improve the service they perform as well as your organization itself, then BSC should be your clear choice.”

Bruce Schirmer, M.D.
Professor of Surgery
University of Virginia Health System
University of California, San Diego
"I have worked with BSC for nearly 20 years now. For much of that time I believed that their entire work revolved around ‘my’ society…not because they were so fully focused on making us productive and successful. I was completely surprised to find out that we were a lucky one of a lucky many. They are an incredibly professional, supportive, proactive, and effective group. I feel lucky to have crossed paths with them.”

Jo Buyske, MD
Associate Executive Director
The American Board of Surgery
"The gigantic task of administering an exponential growth in membership, successful annual meetings and worldwide training could have never been achieved without the professionalism, motivation and dedication of BSC. Their staff goes above and beyond what you can expect from a regular management staff. I wish I could clone them to help me develop my own program.”

Raul J. Rosenthal M.D., FACS
Assistant Professor of Surgery. University of South Florida School of Medicine.
Head, Section of Minimally Invasive Surgery
Director of The Bariatric and Metabolic Institute