Since its founding, BSC has planned more than 150 major conferences and more than 200 small courses or meetings.

Standard Conference & Meeting Planning Services
  • Site selection, including  research and site visits
  • Negotiate contracts with hotels, conference centers, and other venues
  • Organize and oversee presenter and participant communications
  • Create and oversee social events, tours, hospitality services
  • Plan appropriate food and beverage
  • Negotiate contracts with service providers
  • Design advance and final programs, syllabi, handouts, and proceedings
  • Perform  all aspects of advance and on-site registration
  • Manage exhibit process, including sales, booth management, and on-site coordination
  • Design and implement marketing materials and plans
  • Organize and oversee award presentations
  • Design and manage spectacular Opening Ceremonies
  • Expert on-site administration of conference
  • Impeccable record keeping
Additional Services Available For Scientific/Medical Meetings
  • Manage any or all tasks related to abstract collection and review
  • Prepare abstracts for journal publication
  • Mobile app and website development
  • CME compliance
  • Plan and execute hands-on learning labs

We Pay Attention to Detail

BSC is incredibly detail oriented. We do not rely on our past accomplishments nor do we run every meeting from the same checklist. We continue to learn to do our job better and we believe we have learned something from every single meeting we have run.

For BSC, every meeting is personal. Every meeting is a challenge met and surpassed. At every meeting it is our job to get it right. And we do.

On-Site Management
  • We make sure your program runs smoothly
  • logistical details
  • Technical issues
  • Oversee contractors
  • Oversee hotel or convention center team
On-site Operations

Planning is complete. Now the hard part begins: on-site management and operations:

  • BSC staff arrive well in advance to oversee the move-in and set up
  • Handle on-site supplies and track missing Freight
  • Staff and vendor communications network
  • Pre-conference meetings are held with hotels, convention centers, security, caterers, exhibit decorators, the audio visual company, and the transportation providers
  • Registration and security staff are trained.
  • Electronic connections are checked and checked again.
Budgeting & Finances

The conference has to be a success for attendees (content and collegiality) and it has to succeed financially too. Every meeting requires sound financial planning, implementation, and reporting.  BSC understands how to make your budget work realistically. We know that you want value for your dollar (or euro), a manager that stays within the budget, and the certainty that the maximum amount of income that can be collected, will be. We deliver on those needs.
BSC’s experts bring sanity, organization, and meticulousness to your meeting finances.

Meeting technology now changes annually. BSC has all of the tools to run a dynamic event, including:

  • Online Abstract Submission and Review
  • Online Advance Registration
  • Electronic Faculty Invitation and RSVP System
  • On line evaluation and continuing ed credits
  • Integrated Meeting Apps – want to get rid of your printed program? You can now.
  • WiFi – it doesn’t just happen. It has to be carefully planned to usage and location.
Hands-On Learning Labs

Teaching professionals and sales representatives “how to do it” is both an art and a science. BSC has assembled and presented dozens of labs ranging in size from 20 to more than 400.

  • Inanimate model labs
  • Animate labs
  • Cadaver labs
  • Digital/computer courses
  • Virtual reality learning
  • Telemedicine courses