BSC President and CEO Sallie Matthews and BSC Founder Barbara Berci Endoscopic SurgeonsOur seasoned BSC team is comprised of the best in the business, having managed worldwide leading medical societies and seamlessly run multi-platform conferences of all sizes.

Our clients of every size think of us as though we are their in-house staff because we give them the attention they deserve.

Each client we work with has a distinct personality and a different set of challenges and that’s why we don’t do boilerplate. We provide customized solutions and total-support association management partnering seamlessly with our clients to deliver the best results. add link to staff headshots/bios

5th World Congress of IFHNOS & Annual Meeting of the AHNS.BSC has managed medical and scientific/educational associations for more than 30 years. Through our work with a wide variety of disciplines and arenas we understand:
  • How medical/scientific institutions and departments are set up
  • Issues of turf
  • Education ranging from new techniques and technologies to integrating new thinking into curricula
  • Policy and political principles
  • Current scientific topicsDBP--564
  • High stakes testing
  • Outcomes and data analysis
  • Time is of the essence: Our staff will have a quick learning curve and when we take on a new project or client we are up and running
  • How to be service-oriented and cost effective
We get that building a bond of trust is vital. That’s why we never lose track of the main goals we set out to achieve.
Contact us at [email protected] or at 310-437-0555 for more information and additional details about our association management and meeting planning services.





BSC Management Team