An open letter to our colleagues in industry….

Dear Business Manager,

You, and others in your industry, have recently been suffering “the slings and arrows” of public vilification every time you have a conference, sales meeting or strategic planning retreat.  BSC Management, Inc., has introduced “Ethical Events,” which will address the negative public perception with good works.

Ethical Events will turn condemnation into approbation.  We will help change the impression, but not the content, of your meetings in a well-planned and highly organized socially conscious event.  How?

For example, we may:

  • Pair your company with a local non profit affiliate
  • Plan break-out sessions at a local hospital
  • Organize some time feeding the homeless in a soup kitchen or building houses for the poor
  • Arrange for you to mentor students in financial planning

There are a host of ideas which we will work out together. Basically, instead of one or more leisurely breaks, part of your meeting will be devoted to community service.

As meeting planners with  more than twenty-five years experience, we will plan and execute your meeting AND the community service project with precision and scrupulous detail. We will make sure that when your company comes into any community for a meeting, the newsworthy item is that executives and representatives will be helping the community, not sipping champagne and eating caviar  First and foremost, you will be giving back, ensuring that the company name equates with the community’s public trust.

We are unique in this approach. Some groups offer green events, or financial donations. We believe direct involvement will reap benefits to both company, your staff, and the communities where your meetings or retreats take place.  We have heard the bells tolling with alarm and clarity. All of us have been shaken. But we, at Ethical Events, have adopted a new approach – or an old one, if you believe, like us, that doing good, is good business.

Barbara Berci
Founder & Chairman